Document Destruction


Your volume of records is growing up uncontrollably unless you institute a proper records retention and disposal program.

Regardless of your size, organisation, or industry, you need policies governing how long you retain records and how you dispose of them when they reach their “end-of-life” stage.

HDS Services

HDS will help you administer a regular cycle of records retention and disposal. We ensure totally effective shredding and can provide adaptable services for all customer demands – from high secured shredding to simple recycling.
We can ensure secure shredding of past and ongoing confidential documents either on yours or on our premises.

Bulk shredding service

This includes the on-site collection of documents, document inventory, transfer to our premises, the preparation of documents for destruction (removing staples, plastic, folders, etc), secured shredding and the transport of shredded documents to our partner recycling company.

Regular shredding service

In each office we provide a locked container, which enables your employees to dispose of confidential documents for shredding. The containers are collected and replaced regularly. Our specialists then shred the documents on our premises. The shredded paper is then sent to our partner company for recycling.