Document Archiving


Most organisations produce a significant quantity of paper documents, which have to be safeguarded for a number of years for operations or legal purposes. The storage required for paper documents grows at a double-digit rate every year and companies are hard press to store them as well as to ensure ready access to them when they are needed.

HDS Services

To help meet their storage needs many companies turn to HDS to organise, store and ensure the rapid retrieval of their documents.

Organizing and indexing your records

We help you classify your documents and determine how long to keep them according to corporate policies, legal or tax requirements. HDS’s trained consultants organise your records, select appropriate containers, create search indexes, and prepare your files for storage.

Providing safe storage for your documents

We guarantee a safe place of storage for your archives, which is protected against theft, burglary, humidity and fire. We have installed fire detectors, sprinklers, instant connection to the local fire fighting service, video surveillance, 24/7 security guards in situ and an advanced intrusion alarm system. With us, your documents are safer than they would be on your own premises with the additional benefit that there is no need to invest in expensive storage and protection equipment. Your documents are stored away from your offices in an anonymous way. Only authorised personnel has access to the record management system in order to retrieve requested documents. A strict segregation of duties ensures proper risk management.

Retrieving your documents on request

In your daily work and when you are accommodating visits from regulators or tax authorities you may require access to your old archives. We deliver your records immediately on request; either in their original paper form or in electronic format, to suit your purposes. After you have finished with the records that have been withdrawn from storage, we will collect them again on request and restore them to their original storage place for easy further reference.